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  • Preferential policies to cut tax load of SMEs

    China is contemplating more measures to ease the tax burden of small and medium-sized enterprises, amid the accelerated production resumption, officials said on Tuesday.Preferential tax policies for reinvestments by overseas companies will be enacted to further support the development of foreign bus...

  • Lectures on taxation to enhance public knowledge

    The State Taxation Administration (STA) launched its six-session course “Lectures on Taxation” on March 17 to inform tax and fee payers of preferential policies accurately and quickly. The first lecture, presented by Dai Shiyou, deputy chief of the STA’s Tax Policy and Legislation Department, ga...

  • China’s tax measures to combat COVID-19 win int’l praise

    Recently, International Tax Review, the world’s most influential tax journal, released an article praising the efforts made by China’s tax authorities in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and boosting socio-economic development. 

  • Tax policy review: Fighting COVID-19 and spurring economic growth

    China has unveiled a series of tax reform measures designed to meet the unprecedented challenge of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Let's take a look! Support COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment

  • China halves urban land use tax on bulk commodity storage land for logistics

    China will halve the urban land use tax for bulk commodity storage of logistics firms from Jan. 1 this year to the end of 2022, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said on Wednesday. The decision was jointly made by the MOF and State Taxation Administration to boost the healthy development of the logistic...

  • China's fiscal revenue down 9.9% in first two months

    China's fiscal revenue went down 9.9 percent year-on-year to 3.52 trillion yuan (about $496.2 billion) in the first two months of 2020, official data showed on March 24. The central government collected 1.72 trillion yuan in fiscal revenue, down 11.2 percent year-on-year, while local governments saw...

  • China unveils a series of tax measures to help fight epidemic

    China has unveiled a series of tax reform measures to face up to the unprecedented challenge of the novel coronavirus epidemic. 1.Tax incentives 1) To implement the preferential policies that have been issued, to support epidemic control and treatment, guarantee essential material supplies of ente...